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Komodo Blessing Adventure – Komodo Tour Packages – Flores Island Tours

Komodo Blessing Adventure as the one of best local tour organizer in Labuan Bajo. We are very happy to assist you to organize your trip to Komodo National Park and Flores Island. As a local Tour Operator, we are still focussed on marketing trip to Komodo National Park, and land trips on the island of Flores. All our tours are handled with our own Company, and we are really sure that you will get price from the first hand. We have been operated since 2014. And we have trusted to handle the trip from our customer from  around the world especially for trip to Komodo National park and Flores Island. 

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Komodo Tour Packages

We provide best tour service that will guide you to discover Komodo National Park in Indonesia.  We start all these trips from Labuan Bajo which is the closest town to Komodo National Park. And to make this trip, we use various types of ships as the main transportation.

Komodo Tour Packages consists of several tour packages that will guide you to visit Komodo National Park. Komodo Tour Packages are often also referred to as Komodo Tours, Komodo Boat Trips, or also called Komodo Island Tours.

Because the destination we are going to visit is in the form of islands located in the Komodo National Park cluster, so the trips included in the Komodo Tour Packages are only done by using ships as transportation. So if we talk about a trip to Komodo National Park, that means we will take a trip by ship.

There are several activities that are very popular within the Komodo National Park Area, for example: Climbing Padar Island which has a very interesting view, Seeing Komodo Dragons on Komodo Island and Rinca Island, Snorkeling at Pink Beach and Manta Point, Enjoying the beauty of white sand at Taka Makassar, hike to the Peak of Kelor Island, and so on.

For Komodo tour Packages, we have prepared several tour packages including: One Day Komodo Tour, 2 Days 1 Nights Komodo Tour, 3 days 2 nights Komodo Tour and Komodo Tour 4 Days 3 Nights.

Flores Island Tour Packages

Flores Island Tour Packages is a collection of tour packages that will guide you in exploring Flores Island. Flores Island is one of the islands located in the eastern part of Indonesia, and this island is still part of the East Nusa Tenggara Province.

To travel to Flores Island is very easy. Access to air transportation that connects Flores Island with nearby islands such as Bali and Java makes your trip to this island easier.

There are so many airlines that serve flights from Bali to Labuan Bajo or from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo, and these travel routes are served 4 times a day. And Labuan Bajo itself is a small town on the western tip of Flores Island, so Labuan Bajo can be called the main gateway to Flores Island.

Several popular tourist destinations on the mainland of Flores Island include: Kelimutu Lake, Waerebo Traditional Village, Bena Traditional Village, So’a Hot Springs, Mount Inerie, Spider Web Rice Field, etc.
For the Flores Island Tour itself, we pack several tour packages including: Waerebo Village Tour 2 Days 1 NightKomodo Kelimutu 4d 3N TripFlores Island Tour 4D 3NFlores Island Tour 5D 4NFlores Island Tour 6 Days 5 Nights

Komodo Island

Komodo Island

Komodo Island is the largest island among the islands in the Komodo National Park area. With an area of about...

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Kalong Island

Kalong Island

Kalong Island is a small island in front of Rinca Island and is included in the Komodo National Park Area....

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Komodo Blessing Adventure -Kelor Island

Kelor Island

Kelor Island is the part of Komodo National Park Area, and the island is uninhabited. Located about one hour from...

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