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Park Fees in Komodo National Park

Park Fees in Komodo National Park. 

After becoming a hot news a few years ago about the entrance ticket to Komodo National Park which reached IDR. Park Fees in Komodo National Park14.000.000 or USD 1000, of course we want to know How much is the Park fee in Komodo National park? Is it true that visitors have to pay 14 million to enter Komodo National Park?

To answer all that, we provide detailed information about Park fees in Komodo National Park, below:

Entrance Fee

Entrance fee at Komodo National Park for Foreigner (Not Indonesian Citizen) is IDR. 150.000 / Person / day (Monday to Saturday) and IDR. 225.000 / Person/ day for Indonesian Public holiday and Sunday.

For Indonesian Citizen is IDR. 5.000 / person / day  for Monday to saturday, and IDR. 7.500/person / day for Public Holiday and saunday.

Snorkeling Fee

Snorkeling fee is IDR. 15.000 / Person / day, and we pay snorkeling fee if we will do snorkeling inside Komodo National park. And there are no different between Indonesian and Foreigner.

Wild Life Encounter Fee

When we enter Komodo Island, we will see the wild animals especially Komodo Dragon and there are other wild animals that you can see on this island, and to see this animals, we need to pay IDR. 10.000 / Person / day for foreigner and for Indonesian citizen.

Trekking Fee

Trekking fee is IDR. 5.000 / person / day, and this fee will be paid when we want to do trekking in Some island inside Komodo National Park, such as: Kelor Island, Rinca Island, Padar Island, Komodo Island, etc.

Ranger Fee

Ranger will take care of us, when we do trekking in Padar Island, Rinca Island and Komodo Island, the rangers is our main Guide when we arrive at those island, they will walk along with us, and will explain everything about what we can see and what we can do. And to get their service, we need to pay Ranger fee which is IDR. 180.000 for 1 group (1 ranger for 1 – 5 Persons).

Boat Parking fee

Get in the island, of course we need a boat, and when our boat park in the island inside Komodo National Park we need to pay parking fee which is IDR. 100.000/one boat, and for bigger Boat look like Phinisi Boat we will pay IDR. 150.000/boat.

Local Goverment Retribution: 

And the last item that you will pay in Komodo National Park is local Goverment Retribution which is IDR. 50.000/person.

So how much is the total of Park Fees in Komodo National Park??


For Foreigner:

Normal Day: IDR. 370.000 / Person / Day

        Public Holiday / Sunday: IDR. 445.000 / Person / Day

For Indonesian Citizen: 

Normal Day: IDR. 225.000 / Person / Day

         Public Holiday: IDR. 227.500/Person/Day

And all this Park Fees in Komodo National Park, will be paid when you do Boat Trip to Komodo National park, you can pay by your self or you can give it to our tour guide, so they will pay it for you.


Beside that, there is some fees if you decide to do some special activity in Komodo National Park, such as Fishing, canoing and Diving.

For Fishing and canoing, you will be pay IDR. 25.000/Person

and For Diving is IDR. 80.000/Person

So that is the Park Fees in Komodo National Park, it is not USD 1.000 / Person.

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