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Rinca Island

Rinca Island is located within the Komodo National Park area, and is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site because on this Island we easily find the Komodo Dragon. So besides Komodo Island, this Island is also a home for this Giant Lizard. With an area of about 198 km², the Island of Rinca consists in part of Savana. And this Island is one of the 3 Main Island within Komodo National Park Area besides Padar Island and Komodo Island.

Besides Komodo Dragon, on this island we can easily find other wild animals such as: deer, buffalo, long tail macaque, wild boar, etc. Rinca Island is inhabited by two villages with a population of about 1,000 people. The two villages are Rinca Village and Karora Village, which are more populated in Kampung Rinca. Most people in both villages live as fishermen.

The location of this Island is very close to Labuan Bajo, which is about 2 hours by slow boat or 45 minutes by speed boat. The natural panorama on the island is also very beautiful. So this island is the first choice for those of you who want to see Komodo Dragon directly, without traveling far by boat.

The main gateway to visit this Island is Loh Buaya. And on this island there are several trekking options such as: Short Trekking (with duration of 1 hour trekking), Medium Trekking (with a duration of 1.5 hours trekking), and long trekking (with a duration of 2 hours trekking). During trekking on this island, we will be guided by trained Ranger (local guide).

We have several tour program special to visit this Island, such as:

So once again, not only in Komodo Island you can see Komodo Dragon, but Island of Rinca also the main place where you can see this legend giant Komodo.

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