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Boat Information: 

We have some types of boat that we offer on this trip, as below: 

Standard Boat: 

This is the type of ship that we most often use for private tours. This type of ship consists of two cabins and each cabin is equipped with air conditioning. There are 2 bathrooms on this ship and are located outside the cabin. The number of crew on board is between 3 – 4 crew. Apart from that, this ship is also equipped with basic navigation tools such as GPS and radio. And to support our activities during the trip, we also equipped this ship with a small life boat with a capacity of 4 – 5 people. We also provide other equipment such as life jackets, life buoys, etc.

Superior Boat: 

Superior Ships are also like Standard Ships, but the only thing that differentiates superior ships is the size of the ship. Superior Ships are larger than Standard Ships, and this type of ship consists of 3 – 4 cabins. And the maximum capacity of this type of ship is between 8 – 10 people. For navigation and safety equipment, this type of ship is equipped with: GPS, Radio, Life Boat, Life Bouy, Life jacket, etc. The number of crew on this ship is between 6 – 7 people.

Phinisi Boat: 

There are several types of Phinisi ships, from standard Phinisi ships to Deluxe Phinisi ships. And the price for this type of ship usually varies according to the completeness of the ship on the ship. Because this type of ship is larger, it usually has 4 – 5 cabins, and is very suitable for trips with a larger number of participants. For complete navigation and safety equipment, this type of ship is usually equipped with better navigation equipment than Standard and Superior ships.


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